Goal and Mission

1. Calling the non-Muslim communities to Islam, i.e. making Dawah.

2. Correcting the misconceptions about Islam and clarifying the true Islamic teachings.

3. Helping the new Muslims by teaching them about Islam and shedding light on the true Islamic creed.

4. Strengthening strong brotherly bonds between Muslims and those who embraced Islam recently.

5. Educating the Muslims in all languages and correcting their beliefs and manners.

6. Preparing some Muslims from all different backgrounds to be callers to Islam when they go back to their homelands.

7. Cooperating with the Islamic institutions and organizations involved in Dawah and calling communities to Islam.

8. Spreading the Islamic knowledge.

9. Reestablishing the Islamic concepts and knowledge for the general public.

You can visit the site at this link : http://www.islamhouse.com/

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