Midade Services

Web Solutions

We offer the best designs and themes for websites in an attractive and professional way without any complexity or repetition.

We Create  interactive applications and content management sites by using the best and most recent software technologies.

We Analyze    your code, discover the best way for development and provide the solution to you in a comprehensive way


We direct  audio and video media formats in a professional and elaborate manner.

We document the content and make sure of the accuracy of information to avoid misleading viewers and listeners and provide clear and original projects.

We provide projects follow-up and make the required website statistics, hits, results and comments.

Smart Devices

We have the talent and capacity to create the best application designs, only imagine what you want and we will make it for you.

We design … innovate…. and develop the best phone applications operating with the Android System.

We design … innovate…. and develop the best phone applications operating with the iPhone System.

Management Solutions

We design  and program management systems turning any regular business system to a smart electronic system.

We reform any administrative problems using intelligent and effective methods and we transform the administrative work to an enjoyable experience for the staff through the development of advanced systems and completely overrule bureaucratic procedures

We discover the negative points in the system, reform them and produce the best mechanism to achieve an organized smooth administrative work in the future without causing any further negative points.

Consultation and Marketing

We offer marketing consultations for companies and individuals and support you with innovative ideas and non-conventional solutions.

We help  to promote the product and follow up on the process moment by moment. We provide comprehensive reports of the product in terms of marketing and how well it was received.

We provide strategic marketing, electronic marketing on social networking and Agile project management.

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Information Technology

We offer   consultation services in information technology and networks.

We prepare for ISO 9000, 27001 and 2000-1 auditing.

We secure networks, by doing a penetration test, vulnerability assessment and discovering the reasons for hacking.