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By the Grace of God, we are a team of topnotch professionals in the technology field which is the foundation of the company. In Midade we are determined to commit to accuracy and perfection in performing projects to provide the best business solutions for our clients. Every team member in Midade works in collaboration with each other in order to produce creative and distinguished projects rather than regular ones.


In Midade, we seek the path of perfection not only accuracy and this is why we chose not to work like machines by only producing the required goals, we chose to be creative and original in our performance to provide our clients with a lot more than what they expect.

Our commitment to professionalism, quality and originality are the foundations of our work, this is why we succeed in different fields by the testimony of all our clients who are our partners of success, thanks to God Almighty.

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Midade was founded in Egypt in 2005 with a clear vision in every step the company takes which is to be the best company in providing internet solutions in the Arab and Muslim World.


Since the very beginning Midade has been able to have a distinguished fingerprint through providing innovative and high quality solutions.

The company employs professionals and experienced staff in sciences of technology and the Internet. This has made the company progress continuously on an annual basis achieving success after another, by the Grace of God. The company now has a branch in Saudi Arabia to conduct business in the Gulf region. It also has an office representing the company in Malaysia to cover projects in Asia.

Midade started through Dawah and philanthropy sites and this has made it the leading company in the field of Dawah and philanthropy offering solutions in these two fields all over the Muslim World.

The company’s services have been expanding into the fields of multimedia and consultation at the same level of efficiency it achieved in Internet solutions.

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